Alloy Metal ProductsWire EDM - precision hard-metal machining
Wire EDM, or Wire Electrical Discharge Machining, allows a skilled technician to machine precise, complex parts out of hard conductive materials. Wire EDM machining is an electro thermal process which utilizes a thin metal wire in a bath of with de-ionized water which is used to conduct electricity. This process allows the wire to cut through metal by the use of heat from electrical sparks.

Wire EDM can precisely machine the most complex parts out of hard conductive materials such as pre-hardened steel, titanium, hastelloy, kovar, and inconel.

How Wire EDM works
Wire EDM machining, also known as "spark EDM", works by creating an electrical discharge between the wire or electrode, and the workpiece. As the spark jumps across the gap, material is removed from both the workpiece and the electrode.

To stop the sparking process from shorting out, a non conductive fluid known as a dielectric is applied. The waste material is removed by the dielectric allowing the process to continue.

The wire EDM machining process involves feeding a thin single-strand metal wire through the workpiece. The wire is fed at a constant rate from a spool and is restrained between two guides which move on a horizontal plane. More advanced machines allow the upper guide to move independently allowing different shapes to be simultaneously milled from the top and bottom of the piece. Thus the Wire EDM can be programmed to cut very intricate and complex shapes. Water is used as a dielectric to control the charge on the wire, and the water's resistivity and other electrical properties carefully controlled by filters and de-ionizing units.

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